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3 Tips for Catching the Eye with Your Website

Most shopping is done online. Whether it is shopping for a company or a product, the majority of people go looking online for it. Websites like Amazon.com are booming because of the ease involved in purchasing, and the design of the website helps as well. Many companies make very simple mistakes that prevent them from utilizing their website to its full potential, so here are some simple tips to help change that:

  1. Make sure a consumer can tell what your website is about. For example, if the website was about the best exercises to lose belly fat, then it would be important to make that clear on the homepage. Perhaps a picture of a man or woman with their stomach exposed, and blog posts detailing exercises to lose belly fat in their titles.
  2. Make sure it is easy to navigate and use. Organization is very important. Consumers need to be able to find the blog page, or to search for specific products on the website with ease. Keep the pages less cluttered by cutting down on the amount of graphics used as well, and focus on content instead. In addition, make sure the website can be used well on electronic devices as well. If the images or colors look confusing on a phone, it may be time to redesign some things.
  3. Consider using ‘safe’ colors. ‘Safe’ colors are 216 colors that look the same no matter what device is being used to view them. Many websites have a problem with writing being illegible due to the colors around it. Part of what keeps consumers visiting a website is the colors. If they are pleasing to the eye, easy to see, and don’t obstruct any words, it is far more likely that a consumer will stay longer on the website.

The amount of online shoppers will only increase with time. The process continues to get easier, and in order to keep up, it is necessary to update your website to go with it.