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Futuristic Inventions That Will Impact Human Life

Flying cars, teleporters, and charter trips to the moon are things of the future. According to the movies of the 1900′s, this century promises many new inventions and innovations that will make our existence something to marvel at. Even though we aren’t quite living like Michael J. Fox witnessed in “Back to the Future,” there are still some futuristic contraptions that are found in every day life. Communication can be Read More

Employee Perks

Imagine: playing Wii at work without repercussion. That’s exactly what the Nintendo Wii Room at Grasshopper Group is there for. Following a trend in some companies to offer their employees wildly enticing perks, they also include a food allowance, 4 weeks vacation time, and half day Fridays throughout the summer. Anyone who has seen the comedy: The Internship, or googled “Google Employee Perks” is probably (at least secretly) slightly jealous Read More

Government Shutdown and Internet Marketing

The government has been shut down for nearly ten days now. Some of the effects have been immediate –such as the closure of national parks – while others have been more subtle. Due to the shutdown of museums, zoos, and monuments, many people have elected to stay inside their homes to focus on everyday activities, like exercises to lose belly fat, watching TV, and surfing the web. However, the shutdown Read More

Internet Marketing and Sports

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Marketing is used for everything. The obvious examples are products or brands, like Nike or Campbell’s Soup. One of the more interesting aspects of marketing is when it involves people, and sports. Members of sports teams are often used for a sort of ‘double marketing’. They can be used to sponsor an energy drink, and by doing so they are marketing themselves and their team at the same time. However, Read More

3 Tips for Catching the Eye with Your Website

Most shopping is done online. Whether it is shopping for a company or a product, the majority of people go looking online for it. Websites like Amazon.com are booming because of the ease involved in purchasing, and the design of the website helps as well. Many companies make very simple mistakes that prevent them from utilizing their website to its full potential, so here are some simple tips to help Read More

Engage Traffic on Your Site

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Have you ever gone to a website, had a question about a product, was able to ask an expert, and purchased the product?  I have, it was awesome.  I had been on the market for a new pair of powder skis for a few months and finally found the pair I wanted.  The trouble was, I wasn’t sure what binding made sense to mount on it given by skiing style, Read More

Modern Day SEO Marketing: Thinking Big

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If your website is failing to get the traffic or the search engine rankings that you would prefer, your first move is probably going to be to contact a search engine optimization company. That’s because they can help you improve your rankings and your traffic flow. The problem that many people are experiencing today is that seo marketing is a far cry from what it should be. This process should Read More

Shopping for SEO: Choosing an Internet Marketing Provider in The Crowded Landscape

Business owners hear a lot of buzzwords, but few would dispute the reigning king of the last few years: “SEO.” Regardless of the industry, media outlets don’t let us forget that real success in today’s tech-savvy world requires not just a slick online presence, but also effective search engine optimization. After all, what good is a brilliant website if it can’t be found by your target audience? Utah, which has Read More

How Poor Networking Can Cost You Money

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When it comes down to the wire, no one in the business world is worried about what kind of problems you are currently having. What they are concerned about is the solutions you have for the problems that they bring to you. Business is all about the money and anyone in business knows that time really is money. This is especially true when it comes to communications. This is why Read More

Migrate to Windows 8 with an Automated Application Analysis

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Beginning April 2014, Microsoft will no longer offer support for Windows XP, one of its most successful operating systems. Despite being over a decade old, the tech giant estimates that nearly a third of small and medium-sized businesses still use XP. The withdrawal of support means that XP will no longer receive the kinds of updates and patches needed to protect against compatibility issues and malware. For business still using Read More