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Employee Perks

Imagine: playing Wii at work without repercussion. That’s exactly what the Nintendo Wii Room at Grasshopper Group is there for. Following a trend in some companies to offer their employees wildly enticing perks, they also include a food allowance, 4 weeks vacation time, and half day Fridays throughout the summer. Anyone who has seen the comedy: The Internship, or googled “Google Employee Perks” is probably (at least secretly) slightly jealous of their employees. While they are certainly leading the trend, they are far from alone in plying employees with food and video games.

Many of these perks, such as Eventbrite’s promise of a Rebel Desk, kombucha and a kitchen with a Vitamix, seem geared toward keeping their employees fit and healthy. Other companies are offering on-site gyms with personal trainers & tennis courts, or reimbursements for gym memberships. Another has fresh vegetables delivered to their employees at work.

Other perks seem aimed at reducing stress levels: Zappos offers life coaches and MillerCoors has on-site pubs. Other companies have 3-6 month sabbaticals figured in for their staff.

Perhaps companies are getting the message that a happy, healthy employee is a productive, loyal employee. In an economy where we read on a regular basis about companies exploiting employees who are earning less than a living wage, it is a refreshing turn to see so many others taking care of their own. Could this become the business model of the future?