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Engage Traffic on Your Site

Have you ever gone to a website, had a question about a product, was able to ask an expert, and purchased the product?  I have, it was awesome.  I had been on the market for a new pair of powder skis for a few months and finally found the pair I wanted.  The trouble was, I wasn’t sure what binding made sense to mount on it given by skiing style, experience, and height and weight.  As I pondered which of 4 sets of bindings would be the best fit for my ski, a ‘Chat Now’ box floated across my window.  I clicked on it, asked my question, and an expert helped consult me into buying premium set of bindings that were a better fit with my skiing style, height and weight.  Not only did I spend more, but I bought on the same day and went back to the site to buy more products later.

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on fancy fiber optic cabling, and SEO Marketing firms to drive web traffic to their sites but spend little time on how to interact with that traffic once it hits their site.  You need to make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to contact you.  All of your customers are different and you need to be flexible in how you interact with them.  All generations use the internet and there are several hundred thousand prospective customers who are searching for your products or services. 

At a minimum, you need to publish your phone number, email address, and mailing address on your site.  Not listing contact information detracts from the professional image of your company and sends a negative, non-professional message to prospective clients.  Basic contact information isn’t enough; many users prefer to communicate purely electronically.  

An easy way to help get web traffic to walk through your door without calling you is to have a make-an-appointment app on your site.  A user who makes an appointment to visit with your company is much more likely to walk through your door than if they simply browsed your physical address. 

Another easy way to connect with users is to build a form on the site where web traffic can leave their information so you can contact them at a later time.  This will help you connect with traffic that is browsing your site during non-business hours or with traffic that isn’t comfortable contacting you while browsing your site.  You can incentivize users to do this by offering special discounts or some other privilege. 

A creative way to help traffic transact on your site is to provide an expert to answer product, delivery, and other questions in real time.  This expert can help prospective clients understand product features, delivery options, and upsell premium and related products.  If a live expert isn’t available, you can create an ‘Ask a Question’ form where prospective customers may submit product questions to be answered within a certain time period.

While you will not make money or interact with every site visitor, you should give site visitors the tools to interact with you in a variety of ways once they land on your site.  If not, there is a good chance you are foregoing revenue.