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Futuristic Inventions That Will Impact Human Life

Flying cars, teleporters, and charter trips to the moon are things of the future. According to the movies of the 1900′s, this century promises many new inventions and innovations that will make our existence something to marvel at. Even though we aren’t quite living like Michael J. Fox witnessed in “Back to the Future,” there are still some futuristic contraptions that are found in every day life.

Communication can be a barrier when people speak different languages. A device that can translate any language would be ideal in business, politics, and while making friends. Currently, the US military uses a contraption called the Phraselator, that can translate 40 different languages found here on Earth. Sadly, though, it doesn’t translate any alien languages… yet.

Cars that fly and can drive under water are only things of the movies and future, or maybe not. The Moller Skycar is the first, and only feasible flying craft designed for personal transportation. The current model seats four people, and is operated by hand controls that tell the vehicle which way to go. The sQuba is a car that can drive on the road, float on water, then purposefully sink to become a submarine vehicle. Even though the driver and any passenger will need scuba gear to breathe under water, it sure beats being stuck in traffic.

The future of exercise is something to marvel about. Most people don’t have time for exercise because of work and daily life, but if your office equipment was able to provide a workout, then it would eliminate many excuses. An increasingly popular invention is the Rebel Deskwhich combines a standing desk with a slow moving treadmill so the user can log their steps throughout the work day, and ditch the sedentary lifestyle. This device is actually used in homes and offices in many places. Concept models of tables that can be tilted on their side and bookshelves that open up to become exercise equipment, are ideas that will be coming into fruition in the near future.

Even though our world still uses most of the inventions created in the 70′s and 80′s, we are on the way to becoming a world of the future. Waiting for these concepts and innovations to come to the average person’s home, however, might prove difficult to the excited futuristic individual. Until then, we can find ways to create our own futuristic atmosphere by encouraging new ideas and keeping informed.