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Government Shutdown and Internet Marketing

The government has been shut down for nearly ten days now. Some of the effects have been immediate –such as the closure of national parks – while others have been more subtle. Due to the shutdown of museums, zoos, and monuments, many people have elected to stay inside their homes to focus on everyday activities, like exercises to lose belly fat, watching TV, and surfing the web. However, the shutdown is having an effect online as well, and on Internet Marketing.

To start with, some websites have simply stopped functioning. Several government websites, such as the Agriculture Department and the U.S. Censor Bureau. Google searches for things those websites could answer results in error messages on the sites. Most government websites contain thousands of pages, and as search engines can no longer access those pages, the websites will take a huge drop in rankings.

Also, if the website in question contains links to these broken government websites, that could also result in broken links. When the government is running again, all of the content those pages will have to be adjusted so that search engines can find it again. Rebuilding those ranks when the shutdown is over will take days or even weeks. Many people will have difficulty finding information they need as a result, and it has larger effects beyond the current shutdown for SEO companies.

Furthermore, those who were furloughed with government jobs will no longer be buying much online. Many of those people don’t know when they will be getting their next paycheck, which means less money for online shopping, or for paying their internet marketers. This in turn affects the overall economy, which doesn’t help matters.

Thankfully, not too many websites are unavailable, but one can only hope that the shutdown ends soon, before more damage is done.