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Internet Marketing and Sports

Marketing is used for everything. The obvious examples are products or brands, like Nike or Campbell’s Soup. One of the more interesting aspects of marketing is when it involves people, and sports. Members of sports teams are often used for a sort of ‘double marketing’. They can be used to sponsor an energy drink, and by doing so they are marketing themselves and their team at the same time. However, online marketing works a little differently.

For one thing, social media is a huge part of marketing now. Sports stars with a Facebook or twitter account get thousands of followers, and this is used to their advantage. Similar to work in television commercials, a member of a spots team might tweet something like: “Got my red Powerade, now I’m ready to work out.” It sends a very specific image, and markets another product in the process. Also, a number of posts would not be from the team member, but from people working the social media page for them, who would make posts about upcoming games, various products, and more.

Sports marketing has more emotion involved. With most marketing, like for energy drinks, the product is successful based on what value the consumer sees the product having. Meanwhile with a sports team, it is much more about actively being a fan of something- having an emotional attachment to it, rather than simply thinking ‘this team costs less than another team’. Because it is so based in emotion, marketing for sports is also very image-based.

For instance, let’s say that a famous lacrosse player has a Facebook page. On this Facebook page, there would be a number of pictures depicting the player with lacrosse equipment or lacrosse helmets. However, there would also be pictures showing them in other situations, such as dressed in casual clothing, helping to volunteer, playing other sports, modeling, and pictures of them at any special events. These image help to cultivate what the average person would view them as: someone who is approachable and fun, but also tough and strong.

These elements are a key part to marketing for sports online, and they continue to be successful in doing so.