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Retail Outlets without Store Signs

Store Front Marketing

Why do businesses setup a website without making it search engine friendly?  An easy analogy is to think about is starting a retail outlet: would you buy or rent retail space, remodel the interior, order inventory, hire employees, and open your business without putting up a sign?  Of course you wouldn’t, it might not be the first thing you do but you would certainly think about promoting your storefront long before opening your doors for business.


Assuming you tell everyone you know that you have a new website, how much traffic will you generate?  Wouldn’t it be easier to increase traffic by targeting users who are already searching for identical products and services than grow by word of mouth?  The first thing we do with every new client is evaluate their website for the major elements that will make their site findable and ensure it is optimized for relevant terms.  We make recommendations to get the website indexed more quickly and develop credibility sooner.  It isn’t complicated or difficult to understand, we just know what factors search engines understand and pay attention to.


Don’t take this the wrong way; making your website findable is just the first step and alone will not drive web traffic or revenue.  Just as you wouldn’t invest in great signage alone, you should make your website compelling with easy navigation, compelling products and services, and a clear call-to-action.  Optimizing your site for search should be done when you setup your website or add new pages; it is vital you have these elements in place for SEO marketing to be effective.


by Peter Callister
Peter Callister is an owner at D Street Marketing, a SEO marketing company in Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in improving its customer’s web traffic, leads, and transactions.  D Street Marketing offers free SEO seminars biweekly to help current and prospective clients understand basic principles of SEO.  Peter is also the General Manager at the SLC Angels, a group of angel investors in Salt Lake City, Utah.