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SEO Content Marketing

SEO Content MarketingThe trend in SEO marketing is to demonstrate credibility with content that is valuable to the end user, such as, blog posts, videos, and white papers.  Content should be both on & off the page; it should also help the reader identify you and your business as a thought leader in your area as well as a potential partner.


The primary goal of content is to connect with end readers in a positive and meaningful way.  On-the-page content includes the words on the page as well as pictures, videos, white papers, and other viewable information.  The primary goal of on-the-page content is to help the reader be more comfortable in the buying process.  Off-the-page content includes all the content you produce that is not on your website (e.g. blog posts, tweets, Facebook status updates, Pinterest posts, etc.).  The goal of off-the-page content is to connect with potential clients as well as promote awareness of your company, products, and services.


Good content should be engaging and promoted beyond your site.  Good content is not overly self-promotional and should be useful as well as appealing to the end user.  While it is not in-your-face advertising, it should help the reader understand the problem and be more comfortable with your solution.   Content may be king, but without a good promotional strategy it is worthless.  D Street Marketing can help you develop credibility and grow your customers and revenue.  Please contact us for a free consultation and to learn more about the SEO services D Street Marketing provides..