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Shopping for SEO: Choosing an Internet Marketing Provider in The Crowded Landscape

Business owners hear a lot of buzzwords, but few would dispute the reigning king of the last few years: “SEO.” Regardless of the industry, media outlets don’t let us forget that real success in today’s tech-savvy world requires not just a slick online presence, but also effective search engine optimization.

After all, what good is a brilliant website if it can’t be found by your target audience?

Utah, which has lead the nation in technology job growth for the past two years, has no shortage of SEO providers, and Salt Lake SEO companies run the gamut in terms of quality. As with shopping for any service, SLC business owners ought to opt for those companies which offer a consultative approach, emphasizing business needs over traffic statistics.

The much trumpeted importance of SEO has lead to a glut of SEO providers and companies, many of which make grandiose claims about their efficacy of their services. The volume of these companies can be overwhelming for SEO clients, the majority of whom lack the technological expertise to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an SEO company.

Businesses are often tempted by companies which invoke another powerful buzzword in their sales pitch: “traffic”. Traffic, however, is only part of the internet marketing equation, and those looking to establish a truly successful online presence depends on strategy as much as popularity. While numbers matter, they’re irrelevant if the traffic driven to your site isn’t part of your target audience.

Savvy SEO shoppers would do well to keep in mind their goals, and what kind of conversionthey’re hoping to achieve with a website. An effective SEO strategy is one that complies with an ultimate marketing goal, rather than just upping traffic volume or boosting search rankings.