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Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


SEO is the process of improving and demonstrating credibility for specific, relevant keyword phrases. SEO is a powerful marketing tool to help websites increase their web visibility, target specific web traffic, and ultimately drive more traffic to their site.  The end goal of SEO marketing should be to increase web leads, brand awareness, or web transactions of a site.


Most businesses struggle to increase revenue and find new customers; SEO marketing is a fantastic method to do both.  While SEO can have a powerful impact on most businesses, it is only the first step.  It is essential to have engaging on-the-page content, establish credibility as a good potential provider, and provide a clear call to action once new traffic lands on your site.


SEO doesn’t make sense for every business.  You should calculate the expected return on investment (ROI) and develop goals before spending a dime on SEO.  This can be done on your own or by D Street Marketing; please visit the D Street Marketing blog to learn more about project the SEO results you may experience.  Business that have little or no capacity for new business should not use SEO.